Bar Grating

steel bar grating detail

Steel Bar Grating

How does AGICO Manufacture Steel Bar Grating? The production of steel bar grating typically involves the following steps, starting from the selection of raw materials: Step 1: Raw …
galvanized grating

Galvanized Grating

How does AGICO Manufacture Galvanized Grating? Raw Material Preparation Based on customer requirements, preparing the bearing bars. Commonly used bearing bars have heights of 25mm, 30mm, and 40mm, …
serrated bar gratings final products

Serrated Bar Grating

Dimension and performance of serrated bar grating Serrated Bar Grating DimensionsThe spacing and height of serrated bar grating are key parameters that determine its strength and load-bearing capacity. …
drainage grating galvanized

Drainage Grating

Why you need drainage grating? Outstanding Corrosion Resistance: Hot-dip galvanization forms a dense zinc layer on the surface of the steel grating, effectively resisting corrosion from seawater, chemicals, …
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