Grating Catalogue of AGICO’s Anti-slip Products

Grating catalogue and Applications of Anti-Slip Gratings

Diamond Anti-Slip Grating

The diamond anti-slip grating can be tailored to different usage environments, utilizing metal materials such as iron, aluminum, and stainless steel. Iron gratings can undergo processes like galvanization, hot-dip galvanization, or painting after shaping. This product finds widespread applications in industrial indoor and outdoor stair treads, walkways, workshops, and transportation facilities. When surfaces are affected by mud, ice, snow, grease, oil, or cleaning agents, the diamond anti-slip grating efficiently ensures the safety of workers.

Perforated Anti-Slip Grating

Perforated anti-slip gratings are suitable for various industries including wastewater treatment, water supply, power plants, and are used outdoors. These gratings serve as anti-slip treads for vehicles, train steps, and are also employed for mechanical anti-slip and indoor decorative purposes. Additionally, fish scale hole anti-slip gratings and combination hole anti-slip gratings are available.

Combination Hole Anti-Slip Grating

The combination hole anti-slip grating offers lightweight, high strength, corrosion resistance, anti-slip properties, longevity, aesthetic hole patterns, and overall good performance. It is extensively used in industries such as petroleum, chemical, mining, power generation, marine exploration, electroplating, shipbuilding, water and wastewater treatment, papermaking, brewing, pharmaceuticals, etc. It finds applications as work platforms, equipment platforms, stair treads, trench covers, bridge walkways, filter plates, and support structures, making it an ideal load-bearing material in corrosive environments.

Patterned Anti-Slip Grating

Patterned anti-slip gratings boast an aesthetic appearance, slip resistance, enhanced performance, and material-saving advantages. They have widespread applications in transportation, construction, interior decoration, container bottoms, equipment surrounds, machinery, shipbuilding, and more.

Octagonal Hole Anti-Slip Grating:

Octagonal anti-slip gratings provide high load-bearing capacity and greater width, making them ideal choices for manufacturing plants, oil refineries, grain elevators, conveyor pathways, bridge inspection walkways, and paper mills.

Traction Tread Anti-Slip Grating

Traction tread anti-slip gratings are valued for their slip resistance and aesthetics. They find extensive use in industrial facilities, indoor and outdoor stair steps, walkways, production workshops, and transportation facilities, contributing to safe passage in public areas, workshops, and sites. They mitigate the inconvenience caused by wet and slippery surfaces, ensuring personnel safety and facilitating construction. These gratings offer effective protection in specific environments.

Round Hole Flanged Anti-Slip Grating

This type of anti-slip grating features a simple manufacturing process and often comprises large round holes with flanged edges. It is commonly used for large machinery floor anti-slip surfaces, manhole covers, pedal surfaces, stair treads, etc. Other variations include fish scale hole anti-slip gratings, cross hole anti-slip gratings, and various hole patterns to choose from.

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