Grip Strut Safety Grating Catalog

Grip strut safety grating catalog according to application

Platform: Safety grating ensures secure footing on platforms, preventing slips and falls in industrial settings like drilling platforms, refineries, and chemical plants.

Grating Screens: Safety grating is utilized as filters or screens, allowing certain materials to pass through while ensuring safety and stability.

Walkways: Designed for pedestrian movement, safety grating forms walkways that offer traction and prevent tripping hazards in areas like industrial complexes and mining sites.

Bridges and Gangways: Safety grating provides a non-slip surface on bridges, gangways, and catwalks, guaranteeing safe passage for personnel in marine, construction, and other sectors.

Drilling Rigs: Safety grating is essential on drilling rigs, enabling workers to move safely on elevated platforms even in oil and gas exploration sites.

Mining and Refining: In the mining and refining industry, safety grating is employed to create secure access points and walkable surfaces around machinery and hazardous areas.

Chemical and Petrochemical Plants: Safety grating offers a stable surface in chemical and petrochemical plants, ensuring workers’ safety around corrosive materials and high-risk zones.

Industrial Machinery: Safety grating serves as a protective element on machinery, catwalks, and raised platforms in factories and manufacturing units.

Aircraft Hangars and Airports: It’s used in aircraft hangars and airports to create safe pathways for maintenance personnel and to prevent accidents around aircraft.

Marine Applications: Safety grating is vital on marine vessels, offshore projects, and ports, providing secure footing in wet and slippery conditions.

Construction Sites: On construction sites, safety grating is used on scaffolding, walkways, and temporary platforms, reducing the risk of accidents.

Waste Treatment Facilities: Safety grating ensures safe access in waste treatment plants and helps manage potentially hazardous materials.

Security and Enclosures: It functions as protective barriers, security gates, and enclosures in various environments, enhancing safety for workers and the public.

Stairs and Steps: Safety grating offers slip-resistant stairs and steps, promoting safety in both industrial and public settings.

Industrial Facilities: Safety grating finds application in a multitude of industrial settings, from food processing to pharmaceuticals, providing safe flooring and walkable surfaces.

Grip strut safety grating catalog according to hole shape

Grip strut safety grating is produced using metal sheets that are subjected to CNC punching equipment and stamped according to specific molds. This manufacturing process results in two common perforation structures for grip strut safety grating: the single flap and the double flap. Each of these perforation structures possesses its own distinctive features. Below, a detailed overview of the single flap and double flap perforation structures for grip strut safety grating is provided for reference.

Single flap grip strut safety grating

In the single flap grip strut safety grating, all the crocodile mouth perforations are oriented upwards, leaving a certain gap in the middle. This perforation structure offers advantages such as high production speed and a simple, elegant appearance.

Double flap grip strut safety grating

The double flap grip strut safety grating features a perforation arrangement where one hole faces upwards while the adjacent hole faces downwards. The spacing between the upward-facing and downward-facing holes is minimal. This double flap structure has gradually replaced the single flap design. The upward-facing crocodile mouth perforations serve to enhance slip resistance, while the downward-facing perforations facilitate drainage and waste disposal.

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