Tips about Steel Plank Grating

What is steel plank grating?

Steel plank grating is a type of grating characterized by its anti-slip, anti-rust, and corrosion-resistant properties, as well as its durability and attractive appearance. It comes in various perforation patterns, including raised diamond-shaped, raised cross-shaped, and circular as shown in the diagram, all of which are produced using CNC punching. Its unique diamond-shaped design provides comprehensive anti-slip performance, surpassing other types of anti-slip panels by 10% to 180%. Stainless steel plank grating is highly suitable for pedestrian walkways and work areas exposed to wet and slippery conditions caused by mud, ice, snow, grease, oil, and detergents. It finds common applications in work platforms, industrial workshop floors, narrow passages, terraces, warehouses, sidewalks, and stair treads. Anti-slip grating is used in equipment and production facilities in various industries, including industrial, commercial, public facilities, mobile, and fixed equipment. It is often employed in stairs and safety passages, such as fire exits in commercial spaces, public areas, and residential buildings, as well as in kitchen equipment, food machinery, elevators, stairs, medical devices, automotive components, ship deckings, and construction machinery, among other anti-slip equipment domains.

Introduction of Types, Names, and Uses of Steel Plank Grating

Types of steel plank grating: Crocodile mouth anti-slip plate, round hole anti-slip plate, fish-eye anti-slip plate, stainless steel anti-slip plate, aluminum anti-slip plate, galvanized anti-slip plate, bulging anti-slip plate, patterned anti-slip plate, stair protection plate, stair anti-slip tread plate, car anti-slip plate, octagonal hole anti-slip plate, triangular hole anti-slip plate, fish scale hole anti-slip plate, furnace strip anti-slip plate, grating tread plate, etc.

Categorization of steel plank grating uses: Car anti-slip plate, vehicle anti-slip plate, foot pedal anti-slip plate, pedestrian bridge anti-slip plate, escalator anti-slip plate, stair anti-slip plate, ramp anti-slip plate, etc.

Categorization based on material: 304 anti-slip plate, galvanized anti-slip plate, metal anti-slip plate, hot-rolled steel plate anti-slip plate, aluminum anti-slip plate, aluminum alloy anti-slip plate, 201 stainless steel anti-slip plate, stainless steel stamping anti-slip plate, 201 anti-slip plate, 316L stainless steel anti-slip plate, 321 stainless steel anti-slip plate, 316 stainless steel anti-slip plate, stainless steel anti-slip plate, etc.

Perforated metal anti-slip plate offers extremely high anti-slip efficiency, high load-bearing capacity, and strong compressive strength. Its application reduces damage and ensures safe operation in operational workshops

Categorization based on perforation patterns: Perforated metal anti-slip plate (crocodile metal anti-slip plate), herringbone-shaped metal anti-slip plate, circular metal anti-slip plate, tear-shaped metal anti-slip plate.

Categorization based on material: Stainless steel metal anti-slip plate, regular metal anti-slip plate, aluminum sheet metal anti-slip plate.
Anti-slip plate materials are classified into regular iron plate, stainless steel plate, aluminum plate, aluminum alloy plate, rubber-metal composite plate, etc.

Manufacturing process of steel plank grating

  1. Hot pressing pattern
  2. CNC punching

Typically, it involves cutting, bending, welding, and forming based on different purposes (iron plates can undergo hot-dip galvanizing for rust prevention).

Characteristics of steel plank grating: It possesses anti-slip, anti-rust, and corrosion-resistant properties, as well as durability and an appealing appearance. Perforation patterns include raised diamond-shaped, raised cross-shaped, circular, crocodile mouth-shaped anti-slip plate, and tear-shaped, all produced using CNC punching.
Applications of metal anti-slip plate: Suitable for outdoor use in wastewater treatment, tap water, power plants, and other industrial sectors. Anti-slip plates are also used for mechanical anti-slip purposes and indoor decorative anti-slip applications, such as docks, fishing platforms, workshops, vehicle undersides, cement floors, hotel entrances, etc.

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