Things You Need to Know When Purchasing Grip Strut Walkway

Tips when buying grip strut walkway

1. When purchasing grip strut walkway, users need to provide the specifications and dimensions required for the grating. For example, the width and thickness of flat steel, the diameter of twisted steel, the center spacing of flat steel, the center spacing of crossbars, and the length and width of the grip strut walkway, as well as the quantity needed.

2. Since the dimensions of grip strut walkway vary for each specification, it is advisable to provide the manufacturer with a design drawing. This ensures that you purchase grip strut walkway that is more suitable for your needs. Transparently providing the dimensions and styles of the grip strut walkway is also beneficial for the manufacturer to provide accurate quotations.

3. When purchasing grip strut walkway, users should not solely estimate the purchase price based on square meters or weight. Due to the diversity of grip strut walkway styles, sometimes it is necessary to purchase multiple specifications of grip strut walkway at once. The wide variety of options increases the labor costs for the manufacturer, resulting in higher prices compared to uniform specifications of grip strut walkway.

4. Generally, the quality of the product should be the primary consideration when selecting grip strut walkway. If there is a significant discrepancy in the manufacturer’s quotation, careful consideration should be given. Blindly choosing the lowest price is not advisable, as such a price difference will likely compromise the product quality. If the purchase quantity is large, it is recommended to request samples from the manufacturer before making a decision to prevent any quality issues.

5. When choosing a grip strut walkway manufacturer, it is essential to select a reputable and reliable company and conduct on-site inspections.

6. Grip strut walkway is a custom-made product with various specifications. Most grip strut walkway manufacturers process the materials provided by customers. Therefore, when purchasing grip strut walkway, it is important to make advance reservations to avoid delays in project timelines.

Something about the product you need to know

First, Quality Certificate:

The quality certificate for grip strut walkway should include the standard number, steel grade, model specifications, surface treatment, appearance and performance inspection results, and batch weight. The quality certificate should be delivered to the user along with the product’s packing list as a basis for acceptance.

Second, Qualified Packaging:

Grip strut walkway is generally packaged with steel straps, and the weight per bundle is agreed upon by the supplier and the customer, or determined by the manufacturing factory. Upon agreement between the supplier and the customer, the packaging can be done according to the customer’s requirements. The packaging markings for grip strut walkway should indicate the trademark or manufacturer code, the model and standard number of the grip strut walkway. Each piece of grip strut walkway should be labeled with a unique number.

Third, Qualified Appearance:

Upon receiving the grip strut walkway, the user should visually inspect the shape and flatness of each piece. The dimensions and tolerances of the grip strut walkway should comply with the relevant requirements specified in the standard and the supply contract.

Fourth, Quality Assurance:

Qualified grip strut walkway should have good performance. The manufacturing factory should conduct regular sampling tests on the load-bearing performance of the product and provide test reports according to the user’s requirements.

 grip strut walkway produce

Purchasing Misconceptions

Solely pursuing low prices and not placing strict requirements on the appearance of the product, some even say, “As long as it’s not too ugly and can be used!” In reality, grip strut walkway is often visible to others, and the visual impression of its appearance can vary. The same grip strut walkway can give different visual feelings based on its aesthetics.

Choosing smaller sizes of grip strut walkway to save costs, often selecting models that are close to the minimum load-bearing requirements. However, grip strut walkway is primarily used for pedestrian access or equipment support. Choosing undersized options can pose safety hazards.

Mistakenly believing that there is no difference between manual welding and machine welding. In addition to the superior appearance of automatically pressure-welded grip strut walkway compared to manually welded ones, machine welding provides better structural strength. Moreover, manual welding requires notching the load-bearing flat steel, which can present safety risks in situations where higher load-bearing requirements or unexpected additional loads occur.

Idealized custom dimensions, where some purchasers often divide the dimensions themselves based on drawings without considering the limitations of grip strut walkway production and processing, such as molds. Therefore, it is best to have the size determined by engineering and technical personnel from both the project and the grip strut walkway manufacturing company.

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