Why Non-Slip Metal Grating is Crucial for Safety?

When people consider flooring options for public places, offices, and home renovations, they often prioritize factors such as aesthetics, environmental friendliness, non-toxicity, and resistance to bacteria. Unfortunately, they tend to overlook the importance of slip resistance.

According to statistics, there have been approximately 5.065 million cases of slip-and-fall injuries. The number of legal disputes related to slip-and-fall accidents reaches around 76,500, with compensation claims exceeding 280 million yuan. Additionally, according to data from the Ministry of Health, slip-and-fall accidents account for 35% of all hospital admissions due to fractures and sprains caused by accidents. Among the victims, the majority are elderly individuals and children, with the elderly comprising 63.8% of the cases. Due to their generally weaker bone density, a single fall can result in pelvic fractures for the elderly. Currently, there are no absolutely effective methods to treat such fractures, leaving slip prevention measures as the most direct and effective way to ensure the safety of elderly individuals and children.

Experts abroad have widely acknowledged that workplace falls are a major concern that is difficult to fully prevent, while falls in public places are a leading cause of serious injuries. According to a report in the “Evening News,” approximately 80% of nursing homes fail to meet slip resistance standards, emphasizing the urgent need to address this issue. A recent survey conducted by relevant organizations on ceramic anti-slip tiles produced by Chinese ceramic companies found that 95% of these tiles were ineffective in preventing slips, including certain large-scale enterprises and well-known brands.

Therefore, it is crucial to choose an effective and cost-efficient slip-resistant solution. Non slip metal grating is absolutely a really ideal option.

Details of Non slip metal grating

Common types of non-slip metal grating include perforated non-slip metal grating, steel grating with non-slip surface, and steel mesh grating with non-slip features.

Hole patterns for non-slip metal grating: traction tread, perf-o-grip, diamond/grip strut, etc. (customizable based on client requirements).

Materials for non-slip metal grating: ordinary iron plate, stainless steel plate, aluminum plate, aluminum alloy plate, etc.

Thickness: 1-5mm (according to client requirements).

Manufacturing processes for non-slip metal grating:

  • Hot embossing patterns.
  • CNC punching.
  • Welding and interlocking.

Features of non-slip metal grating

It has excellent slip resistance, rust resistance, and corrosion resistance. It is sturdy, durable, aesthetically pleasing, and has a long service life. The punched hole patterns can be raised embossed patterns, raised cross patterns, circular patterns, crocodile mouth patterns, teardrop patterns, etc., all achieved through CNC punching.

Applications of non-slip metal grating

Our factory produces non-slip metal grating using materials such as iron plate and aluminum plate, with thickness ranging from 1mm to 5mm. The hole patterns include perf-o-grip, diamond, traction tread, and more. Due to its good slip resistance and aesthetics, non-slip metal grating is widely used in industrial plants, indoor and outdoor stair treads, non-slip walkways, production workshops, transportation facilities, public passageways, workshops, and sites. It reduces inconvenience caused by slippery surfaces, protects personal safety, facilitates construction, and is suitable for outdoor applications in sewage treatment, water supply, power plants, and other industrial sectors. Non-slip stair treads are also used for mechanical anti-slip purposes and interior decoration, such as crocodile mouth non-slip grating, raised bubble non-slip metal grating, embossed non-slip grating, foot pedal, non-slip grating, and specialized non-slip foot pedal for equipment rooms. It provides effective protection in special environments.

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