Traction Tread Grating

Traction Tread Grating

Traction tread grating is a type of metal plate with anti-slip effect made by stamping with circular molds mounted on the metal plate using a CNC punch press. The hole type is characterized by round holes that are through-penetrating and raised.

Materials for traction tread grating include iron plate, galvanized plate, stainless steel plate, aluminum plate, and aluminum alloy plate, among others. The thickness of the safety grating ranges from 1 to 5mm, depending on customer requirements.

The production process includes CNC punching, stamping, drumming, cutting, bending, welding, forming, deburring, inspection, and packaging. The traction tread safety grating is available in two styles: flat and folded, with two or four sides folded once or twice, which should be specified when ordering.

Applications: The traction tread grating has excellent anti-slip properties and aesthetics, making it useful in industrial plants, production workshops, transportation facilities, and other areas. It is used in public places such as corridors, workshops, and venues to reduce the inconvenience of wet and slippery floors, protect personal safety, and facilitate construction. In special environments (such as facilities with heavy oil pollution, ice and snow, wetness and slipperiness, vibration, and poor weather conditions of scientific and exploration machinery), it plays an effective protective role. It ensures the normal progress of work while guaranteeing the safety of the workers. The product has a long service life due to its surface being treated for corrosion resistance.

Features of AGICO’s traction tread grating

1. High efficiency in sand control, with a multi-layer sand filtering sleeve that can better block formation sand and meet sand control needs in oil wells.

2. Uniform hole size with high permeability and anti-clogging performance.

3. Large filtering area with low flow resistance and high oil output rate.

4. The excellent corrosion resistance of stainless steel material, with resistance to acid, alkali, and salt corrosion, makes it suitable for special requirements in oil wells. The gap will not gradually increase due to corrosion.

5. The multi-layer structure is welded integrally, making the filter holes stable and highly resistant to deformation. The outer protective sleeve can also be spiral welded.

The anti-corrosion treatment of the surface of traction tread grating

The surface anti-corrosion forms of anti-slip grating include hot-dip galvanizing and spray coating.

Hot-dip galvanizing is a process of immersing the workpiece in molten zinc liquid for a certain period of time after oil removal, acid washing, immersion in a solution, and drying. The appearance of hot-dip galvanized anti-slip grating is slightly rougher than that of electroplated zinc, with a silver-white color. The appearance is prone to producing process watermarks and a few drips, especially at one end of the workpiece. However, the zinc layer of hot-dip galvanizing is several times thicker than that of electroplated zinc, with strong corrosion resistance, which is more than ten times that of electroplated zinc.

Spray coating is a process of using the corona discharge phenomenon to make the powder coating adhere to the workpiece. The process is as follows: the powder coating is sent into the spray gun by the powder supply system through compressed air, and high voltage is added at the front end of the spray gun by a high-voltage electrostatic generator. Due to the corona discharge, dense charges are generated nearby. When the powder is sprayed out of the nozzle, it forms charged coating particles, which are attracted to the workpiece with opposite polarity by the static electricity. As more powder is sprayed, more charges accumulate. When a certain thickness is reached, the electrostatic repulsion prevents further adhesion, resulting in a powder coating of a certain thickness on the entire workpiece. Then, the powder is melted, leveled, and solidified by heating, forming a hard coating film on the surface of the workpiece.

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